The Centre for Information, Documentation and Entertainment, CIDE in short, offers children and youth (including those from outside the organization) a space where they can spend their time off in a safe and secure way. They can gain knowledge and learn new skills for their personal development. Within CIDE, we organize educational, recreational and formative activities, all aimed at raising young people’s consciousness towards the major themes that Libre Expresión stands for: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Human Rights and Cultural Diversity.

 The CIDE works in two areas:

1.) Training

2.) Education and Recreational

 Activities and workshops are designed to help feed each area.


We offer workshops regarding specific areas of expertise such as photography, leadership and other themes that further young people’s development and stimulate them to express themselves. As a rule, our workshops are free, last half a day and are given by volunteers competent in their field of expertise. One of the interests of the organization is addressing environmental degradation and climate change. That is why at CIDE we dedicate at least one or two workshops a month to environmental conservation.


CIDE take things further by creating an environment for young people that furthers their development. At CIDE, we have five computers with a fast internet connection that students can use freely to conduct research, do homework and use social networking websites. We have one computer offering a wide range of educational games for students to spend their time in an educational and recreational way. There is also a reading corner with books in Spanish and English, tables and chairs to read or to do homework. Additionally, we also have a reading club where students can discuss books.

Another component of CIDE are evening movie screenings. Every month, four movies are shown, two in English or in another foreign language, and two in Spanish. The films are selected for their content and the message they convey. After watching the film, a discussion follows that reflects on the lessons learned.

In addition to screenings, library and computers, CIDE also organizes games that help strengthen teamwork. Many of these games were created by the Libre Expresión to emphasize the organizational culture and identity and the various cross-cutting issues.