Gallery » Tegucigalpa: Your Center is here

The project “Tegucigalpa: Your Center is Here” originated from interest to promote the importance of protecting cultural heritage in the historical center of Tegucigalpa. Through a special learning program aimed at reproducing the knowledge on cultural heritage, Libre Expresión developed this project with the support of the Interamerican Bank for Development (BID Cultural).

A group of 15 youth were offered a course in photography and the history of Tegucigalpa through the methodology of experimental learning and direct observation. The project raised their awareness on the importance of conserving and restoring their cultural heritage.

“To come to the center is like coming back to one’s own identity, to one’s roots, it is recognizing history in all its aspects, on every wall, realizing how it is cemented in every foundation.

It is about breathing ideas, the magic memories locked in words and legacies and enclosed in buildings, squares and little alleys. It is about finding out the truth while contemplating a white Christ on a crucifix and discovering details dating back from colonial times.

In this project young people make us reflect upon and rediscover art, architecture, politics and religion that can still be found at every corner in Tegucigalpa. This is something that is not lost, but that will always be there, as your center is right here”.