The Beginnings of Libre Expresión

Libre Expresión was founded in 2003 as an initiative to encourage children and youth from marginalized neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela to express themselves through photography. Shortly, what began as a short-term project, evolved into an innovative methodology of using photography and visual communication methods to encourage the children to express their emotions, feelings, dreams and needs.

Since its inception, Libre Expresión has been worked with volunteers to initiate projects to convey these messages. In its first few years, Libre Expresión carried out projects in collaboration with other NGO’s and international organizations that combine courses in photography with photo exhibitions and publications.



From 2004 onwards, Libre Expresión has initiated and implemented projects in rural areas connecting marginalized communities with initiatives and projects that have been developed in surrounding areas within Tegucigalpa. In this way, project participants become aware of the great potential of using visual tools to contribute to the education, transformation and social integration of children and youth.

Most recently, Libre Expresión has formed alliances with other organizations to share its expertise and to use its methodology in projects with participants from various ethnic backgrounds in order to promote cultural inclusivity. In these projects, photography is often combined with other artistic mediums, such as poetry.  Since 2005, Libre Expresión has offered photography courses to children in private schools who coming from more prosperous economic backgrounds CONFRONTING them with the outside reality.

In August 2005, Libre Expresión officially registered as a foundation in the Netherlands and in October of the same year, the organization became established as a legal entity in Honduras.




Libre Expresión organizes exhibitions principally in Honduras, but internationally as well, such as Cuba and Italy. The exhibitions create artistic opportunities for children and young people from other countries to grapple with the Honduran reality.


In 2009, the Image Institute (IDI) was established to fulfill the need of specialized professional education for youth to better help them integrate into the labor market. The Image Institute offers increases marketable job skills and employment opportunities by providing courses in computer skills and English.


Libre Expresión Today

Presently, Libre Expresión SHARES an empowering methodology based on experimental learning. Through social communication, leadership and a variety of artistic mediums, youth participants acquire an array of skills that contribute to their personal, artistic and social development.