Asociación  Libre  Expresión uses a unique and innovative methodology  based on fun activities that stimulate learning, strengthens the participants’ commitment to improve their lives and stimulates the social commitment of children and young people in Honduras in general. Our work is based on using photography as a means to express thoughts, feelings and dreams and to form opinions, which contributes to the personal development of young people in Honduras.



In society, photography plays an important part as a tool to inform or to illustrate reality, or as a form of art or as a personal hobby. It has become an essential tool in business and industry in general, and more specifically, in publicity and in the graphic sector. However, it is not commonly known and used as a tool for expression. The Asociación Libre Expresión has as its mission to promote the expression of vulnerable groups in society, using photography as a principal tool in combination with other forms of artistic expression in order to stimulate social commitment of children and young people.

Photography as a tool for expression goes further than shooting nice pictures. It refers to facilitating the expression of individual people. Libre Expresión distinguishes four levels in the process of expression: expression of opinions, expression of thoughts, expression of feelings and expression of dreams.

Level 1 Expression of opinions

When we are asked our opinion about a specific subject, we are usually afraid of the reaction of others. By using photography, children and young people can express their opinions about social, political and religious issues freely and in a creative way.

 Level 2 Expression of thoughts

The expression of thoughts asks for deep reflection on both ideas about a specific theme and knowledge that is acquired. Thoughts are always are the reflection of one person’s the point of view, therefore it is interesting to express these thoughts, even if they are complex.

Level 3 Expression of feelings

Feelings are deep emotions and go much deeper even than thoughts. Feelings are not necessarily linked to knowledge, as they are not rational, but emotional. It is much easier to express your feelings at an early age. It is very common to see a small child hugging its mother and saying “I love you”. However, as they grow older, young people tend to repress their feelings, because they are afraid of rejection and other people’s opinions. Photography offers a way to express your feelings freely and purely.

Level 4 Expression of dreams

Dreams are one of the most intense emotions in human beings. They reflect our hopes for the future. In order to dream, we need to visualize our future and map a route of how to achieve this. Usually, young people do not share their dreams for fear of them not being fulfilled. Apart from not sharing their dreams, young people often do not try to realize their dreams or forget about them after a while. Photography makes children and young people visualize their dreams and express their most intimate wishes for their future. This helps them to realize their dreams.

Libre Expresión works on these levels of expression by providing photography workshops in which young people learn the technical aspects of photography, like making good compositions, and participate in fun activities that stimulate the reflection of participants and the different levels of expression.

Each photograph carries a message that is the result of opinions, thoughts, feelings and dreams. Therefore, each photograph is unique because it implicitly conveys the message of each participant. This unique photograph with its message is the final result of our methodology of expression.