Below are short descriptions of our projects. They are listed in chronological order with current projects listed on top.


Faces of Violence


Funded by USAID, the Faces of Violence project focuses on the “process of social communication and leadership” to create a social media campaign through the use of social networks and community activities in the neighborhoods of La Era and La Travesía. A group of 25 youth worked to bring awareness about the importance of respect for life and peace, with the campaign called “Peace I Give”. In a country accustomed to violence and death, the people become desensitized to suffering and loss of life. The campaign promotes respect for life by humanizing violence and deaths. The youth participants have organized community activities ranging from interactive murals, and demarcation of streets (an initiative that gathers weekly counts on the deaths of minors in Tegucigalpa, and placing a symbol as tribute to this person). The community activities include and integrate a wide variety of local networks including churches, community centers, courts and police posts, public spaces and social networks.
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This project was funded by USAID and Creative Associates.


Lencas Looms


The project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and leadership among adolescents from the Lenca indigenous group. A  group of 15 girls from Intibucá and La Esperanza created a clothing line made with traditional looms that is being marketed locally in Tegucigalpa. The youth were trained in leadership, women rights advocacy, gender and culture. In the second phase of the project, the girls were trained in fashion design to merge the Lenca cultural traits and promote looms through the creation and marketing of a contemporary line of shirts, integrating and highlight Lencas looms in its construction. The clothing line consists of 10 t-shirt designs that will be sold in small boutiques in Tegucigalpa.
This project was funded by Friends of Holland and the British Embassy in Guatemala.





Tolerarte was an initiative of Libre Expresión to promote changes in attitudes and behaviors of 50 Revolutionary and Ultra Fiel football youth followers (called barras deportivas in Honduras). The goal was to increase tolerance and decrease, prevent or eliminate violence and clashes between them. through an intensive induction process in leadership and social communication. This process strengthened their leadership skills and increased community service and artistic activities. Youth made murals and organized community activities in their neighborhoods. In addition, the youth of the Revolutionary barras continued a second process aimed at improving entrepreneurship skills with screen printing workshops. It is expected they will establish their own micro business.
This project was funded by Creative Associates.
Project duration: November 2012 – November 2013

We are Voice


This project aims to strengthen the capacities and practices within organizations of the Red COIPRODEN (children and youth networks) and schools (student governments, teachers and parents associations) in the thematic focus of child rights. This aims to improve the compliance of rights of children and youth in the structure of decision-making (school governments and boards). These are ideal working space that guarantee long-term stakeholder involvement since they are bodies of permanent local community participation. The project worked to streamline reporting and redressing of violation of rights,in schools.
Project duration: August 2012 – Present

Comprehensive Health Promoters


The Comprehansive Health Promoters project was launched to promote health knowledge in young Garifuna, Pech and Ladinos living in the department of Colón. 30 adolescent health promoters were trained to design and implement a social communication campaign using visual tools to realize changes in the perceptions and actions of young people to the transmission of HIV / AIDS and other STDs.

A Ganar


This project’s main objective is to build professional skills and employablity of youth thereby reintegrating them into the formal sector. This includes integrating youth into higher education system, training them to start up a micro enterprise. The project uses an innovative methodology where through 4 phases youth develop skills for life and work, receive technical training and participate in a job internship. During the the pilot phase in 2012, 25 youth graduated from the program. In 2013, A Ganar became an ongoing program of the organization with the goal of graduating 150 youth over the next three years.
Project duration: June 2012 – Present.

You Can


The You Can project aimed to improve the lives of 600 youth from high violence and high-risk neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa. Participants increased professional skills through an ongoing training program at the Institute of Image (IDI) for a duration of two years. This training was also accompanied by a social communication and leadership process where 100 young people conceptualize and execute a campaign to increase community awareness about seizing opportunities and the ability to improve by seeking and seizing opportunities.
This project is funded by USAID and the Project Goals.
Project duration: September 2012 – August 2013.


This is how we are



This photography project was funded by UNESCO and executed by Libre Expresiòn. The expression, roots and identity of girls was promoted through photography and writing, offering a space to document and share their stories and lives within their community.
ates included 50 girls from 4 communities that encompassed various ethnic and indigenous groups (Pech Silin from Moradel; Garifuna from Cristales; Ladino from San Francisco de Cones; and Miskito from Benk). They were trained in photography and artistic expression during 8 workshops. The workshops encouraged them to discover who they were, what they believe, where they come from and where they go as part of a tour of their cultural identity. The result was a photographic collection, exhibited in the Santa Barbara fortress in Trujillo, San Francisco de Cones School and in the National Identity Museum in Tegucigalpa. The project was also accompanied by a publication in the 4 languages ​​(the first in our country) showing the collection of 40 photographs.1,000 copies of which were distributed in cultural centers, schools, NGOs and Universities.
Project duration: October 2011 – January 2012.

You Decide


This project implemented a violence prevention campaign based on respect and tolerance of differences particularly focused on youth. It was funded by the Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECID) and carried out in 2010. You Decide offered a space to express oneself but also to respect what others had to say. The campaign sought to prevent violence from within by allowing youth to self-reflect on their own feelings and to examine the differences that separate individuals and groups.
The campaign encompassed a number of processes for 60 youth: 3 leadership and social communications workshops with young people as protagonists in the construction of the campaign and its products where held; 2 mural workshops for learning and building ideas and designs for 4 walls located in the Perpetual Help Home in the Olympic Village, the bridge opposite the National Stadium, Jesus Milla Selva Institute and the Central Institute Vicente Cáceres.  A “Wallpaper of Tolerance” activity was held, which consisted of visiting every house and business in various areas of Tegucigalpa inviting the person to be part of the campaign, and pasting a sticker of a sun as a symbol of tolerance. At this stage. 2,500 suns were distributed. Four bus stops  were created in order to confront the public with the message and create interaction, and five billboards were placed at strategic places in the city,  all in order to convey the message, confront the public and involve them innovative alternative media.
Project duration: March 2011 – August 2011.

Honduras is in you, here’s your north


A social media campaign was created through social communication workshops and leadership with 560 youth from Intibucá, Comayagua and La Paz for the joint program on youth employment and migration.
This process included youth from the conceptualization of the campaign, to the creation of alternative material until it launched – a journey that strengthened their leadership skills.
The goal was to create a social media campaign that would raise awareness and sensitize on migration, The primary focus was the prevention of migration by strengthening the sense of identity and inviting youth to grasp opportunities within Honduras . More than 3,000 people were able to learn the message of the campaign.
Project duration: March 2010 – April 2010.


My Rights

This project in partnership with UNICEF was in honor of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
It was developed in the Central Plaza of Tegucigalpa with a sample of more than 80 photographs of Libre Expresiòn expressing different child rights. The activity culminated with an arts festival that attracted more than 2,000 attendees.
Project duration: November 2008.

Tegucigalpa: My Center is Here


 A group of 15 young people learned photography and the history of Tegucigalpa through an experiential pedagogy and direct observation. This created awareness on the importance of protecting and preserving their cultural heritage, and promoted a new model of critical thinking and seeking change . The collection was held for two months in the Museum for National Identity.

Project duration: July 2009 - February 2010.

Use it and Express Yourself


This project trained a group of 15 youth in Responsible Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS, and leadership. The leadership training process included creating a line of 6 shirts with prevention messages of sexual health. A launch took place in the Central Plaza of Tegucigalpa where over 500 t-shirts were distributed through different activities including interactive murals with prevention messages.

Image Institute



This ongoing training program that started in 2008 offers youth from poor neighborhoods of Comayagüela and Tegucigalpa opportunities to strengthen their skills in computer science, English, photography, video, art, employability and business plans so they can compete in the labor market.The program is still running and serves between 300 and 400 youth annually.
Project duration: August 2008 – Present

Clothing for your Conscience


The project was implemented with the idea of designing youth clothing line with short and impactful messages related to the topic of HIV and AIDS and sexual health, including the promotion of safe sex and condom use. The result was a series of direct messages that advocated for HIV prevention from the youth perspective, consideration of the respect of human rights and increase in public conscience of youth particpants.
The messages where created by the beneficiaries themselves, who identified needs and then fused art and fashion to generate social awareness. It was executed with 30 youth with different sexual preferences to promote dialogue, understanding, sex education and HIV/AIDS awareness. During the process of leadership training, which lasted six months, they designed 12 t-shirts. 1,200 shirts were produced which by extension reached the same number of adolescents. Finally, six walking tours were done to spread the message of education and prevention.
Project duration: July 2009 – February 2010

Honduras by Heart: Photography for Children


20 children were trained to use photography as a tool of expression and thus be able to express the perception of their lives, community and environment. The project culminated in the publication of a photo book that told the story of one of the project beneficiaries.
Project duration: May 2008 – November 2008

CAAF Conferences


The CAAF organization supports initiatives that promote the rights of children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. CAAF organized in partnership with Libre Expresiòn two conferences in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula to present funding opportunities to organizations working this theme.
Libre Expresiòn coordinated the event and logistics.
Project duration: July 2008 – August 2008

Project Evaluation: Play Between Pictures and Words


An impact analysis of the project “Play Between Images and Words” was conducted in 2006.
This assessment was developed with 20 child participants, in order to document the experiences of two completely different populations: Rio Esteban community(department of Colón) and another in Tegucigalpa (Francisco Morazán department). The final result was the creation of the book “My Mind Went Fishing: Images of the City and the Sea”, and share

It was executed in July 2007.

Essence of my life: Images in Movement

58 teachers and student leaders and 60 children from schools and colleges in the departments of El Paraíso, Intibucá, Cortes and Yoro were trained in in a sustainable educational program on HIV/AIDS.
Subsequently, 14 photographic exhibitions were realized in which the audience could connect and confront the real problems of children affected by HIV/AIDS.
Project duration: March 2007 – August 2007



Essence of my Life 

This photographic project brought together 60 young people affected by HIV/AIDS in order to connect and promote the importance of HIV prevention through mobile photographic collections and conservatories.
Workshops with leaders and teachers where held to establish sustainable education program on HIV/AIDS in 10 schools in Tegucigalpa. Also, a space to stimulate expression on this topic with 4,200 children and young people from different schools was created.
Project duration: December 2006 – March 2007


We Share with You Tour

We Share with You Tour consisted of a photographic tour of a collection of testimonial in different areas of Honduras that included conservatories  to promote respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights of young people living with HIV/AIDS in three vulnerable communities country.
The project aim wasto sensitize civil society, public and private organizations to help reduce stigma and discrimination.
Project duration: June 2006 – December 2006


Senses was a cultural festival with live music, photography exhibitions and other cultural activities promoting art appreciation and contact with nature. Three festivals were held in Valle de Angeles with the participation of 200 people at each festival.
Project duration: January 2006 – November 2009

Tour: Your Photos Open My Mind


This was a project to confront the realities of youth from private schools with the realities of vulnerable youth through photographic exhibitions and conservatories. Four tours in different private educational institutions were conducted in Tegucigalpa The tours achieved an open a space for expression and awareness of various social issues.
During these tours the book “My Mind Went Fishing: Images of the City and the Sea” was presented.
Project executed in May 2006.

Play Between Pictures and Words



This photographic project aimed to promote the human rights of the Garifuna culture. 20 children, explored the basics of photography and poetry to create a photographic collection. Exchanges were conducted with the intention that children and youth share their cultural reality.
Project duration: 2005 – 2006

 Imagine Life and HIV AIDS: Italy Tour


A project aimed to present a new view of HIV and a portrait of the situation of young people at risk in our country and the world. The project consisted of a photographic tour in Italy that included a collection and open forum to discuss the issue of HIV/AIDS.
Project executed in September 2005.

I Share with You


This project was developed with 40 orphaned children and adolescents infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in five communities: Tegucigalpa, Nueva Venta, Corozal, Sambo Creek  and La Ceiba. The children and adolescents corroborated on activities and techniques to improve their expression,. Using photography, they were able to become promoters of prevention and awareness for their families and communities.
Project duration: July 2005 – November 2005

Images of My Life: The Country and the City Tour

This was the culmination of the “Images of my Life” project and consisted of the installation of mobile exhibitions in six towns and cities of Honduras, in order to reflect  the different realities between rural and urban areas, serving as a vehicle to inspire people.
The tour consisted of a photo exhibition and interactive workshops on child rights, values ​​and experiences in the city and countryside.
Project executed in July 2005.

Will You Return a Smile


This project was executed with 20 homeless youth  using photography as a tool to reflect issues such as decision making, motivation to succeed and a positive vision of the future. The project included a photography exhibition in Central Park, Tegucigalpa. The exhibit was accompanied by the creation of a mural that confronted the audience with the reality of the participants.
Project executed in June 2005.

Photographing the World


A project that provided 20 youth of Comayagüela that worked in the municipal landfill. This was an opportunity for self-expression which culminated in a photographic exhibition in order to achieve reflections on the issue of rights of children and child labor.
Project executed in March 2005.

Imagine Life and HIV/AIDS


A photography project in the departments of Copan, Santa Barbara, Comayagua, Choluteca, La Paz and Gracias a Dios with 21 participants, which included training workshops on communication and employability to create a photographic exhibition showing the childhood cultural taboos on HIV/AIDS. The goal was to raise awareness in the six departments on the importance of human rights in the prevention and non-discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS. The project culminated in the publication of a photo book with the same name as the project.
Project executed in March 2005.

Images of My Life: The Country


This project comes as a second phase of “Images of my life: The City” with the purpose of confronting the realities of urban and rural children. The photographic collection was made in the community of El Naranjito (department of Santa Barbara) with 20 participants who used photography as a tool of expression in combination with interactive workshops on children’s rights,.
Project executed in January 2003.

Images of My life: The City 


This was the first project of Libre Expresión and the first time the organization used photography as a tool of expression. The project facilitated 21 children and youth to capture the reality of their lives in Tegucigapa through images that captured the reality of their surroundings.
Project executed in January 2003.